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petroglyphs - signs of life

This collaboration between South Australian-based dance company Leigh Warren & Dancers and indigenous choreographer Gina Rings (formerly of Bangarra Dance Theatre), explores some of the unique elements of the Australian landscape, language and people through the oldest form of visual communication, petroglyphs.

Performed by indigenous and non-indigenous dancers, together with singers from the central desert, Petroglyphs is able to be presented in a variety of spaces from outdoors to galleries and proscenium. Petroglyphs - Signs of Life brings together dance performance, the music of Brett Dean and visual art.

Created in 2005, Petroglyphs – Signs of Life won the Adelaide Critics’ Circle Award for Innovation and returned to Adelaide for an encore season in 2008. The work is currently being adapted to suit traditional proscenium arch venues for presentation in 2010 and beyond.

choreographer's notes
Leigh Warren & Gina Rings

In Petroglyphs - Signs of Life we have all worked to try to present a vision of what contemporary indigenous and non indigenous Australians can make together; representing a distillation of each others’ differences while forging new ways of creating together.

Many people have inspired and informed the concepts and narratives that run through the piece – particularly the artists and dancers whose work and whose stories were a part of the original production and the dancers who are such an integral part of the present production. India Flint, our supremely talented costumier was involved from the start contributing much more than the fabulous costumes.

Choreography Leigh Warren & Gina Rings
Composer Brett Dean
Costume Design India Flint
Original Exhibition Curators Franchesca Cubillo & Mae Adams
Artists 11 dancers, 2 singers, 1 visual artist


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