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As a dance company renowned for defying convention, Leigh Warren & Dancers has enticed audiences with sublime marriages of movement with sound, and has done so once again with the world premiere of Breathe for WOMADelaide 2011.

The idea central to Breathe is exploring the sacred nature of suspended breath, forged around the ageless, spectral sound of the didgeridoo. With a powerful score composed and performed by Australia’s world-renowned didgeridoo master William Barton, an evocative dance has been choreographed by Frances Rings (a star dancer and choreographer from Bangarra Dance Theatre). The piece comes together as a telling cultural mesh of indigenous and non-indigenous artists.

Artistic Director Leigh Warren
Choreographer Frances Rings
Musician/Composer William Barton
Designer India Flint
Lighting Designer Nic Mollison

For tech specs and more information please contact
Touring Coordinator


breathe1 breathe2 breathe3
breathe4 breathe6 breathe5
photography - Tony Lewis

Cutting edge fine merino and milk blend fabric for costumes appearing in Breathe supplied by Milkymerino TM


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