Tammy talks about the residency:

The artists had spent a lot of time exploring and researching on site (Tokuremoar Reserve) and the residency helped to bring this into an indoor environment before being viewed as part of a group exhibition.The studio provided a mutual meeting place for focused rehearsal of improvised structures and the opportunity to share with others and gain valuable feedback. Artists travelled from he Fleurieu and Adelaide Hills. We appreciated the attendance of the
Young Artist program participants in the open studio. Their presence helped create the intimacy we were expecting in the gallery space and we were pleased to have tested this out by asking them to stand close to the movement space. The residency was a much needed transition from the exploratory phase to a place of performance, from the natural environment to the city.

Tammy Arjona - dance artist
Richard Hodges - photographic and projection artist
Suzi Windram- visual artist & musician
Andrew McNicol - musician
Sue Hawksley - dance artist
Margie Hooper - visual artist

About Tammy:

Tammy’s dance training began in Adelaide before travelling to London where she participated in the Adeline Genee Awards and attended the Rambert school of Ballet and Contemporary Dance.

She joined the Michael Clark Company in 1992 and continued to work with many leading choreographers based in the UK including Bunty Matthias, Jeremy James, Fin Walker, Wendy Houstoun, Henrietta Hale and Annie Lok. Tammy was a Dance Artist with Siobhan Davies Dance 2003-2011 touring works for theatre spaces and alternative venues in many countries.

During this time she was awarded the JADE Fellowship by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation seeing her to develop creative programs for all ages and working within Education and Community settings. Now back residing in SA, Tammy continues to work collaboratively with independent artists and facilitates classes for people with balance and mobility concerns that were initially established with support from Parkinson’s SA.


Photos from showing: Alexander Waite Mitchell