May 14 - 18 2018
Petra talks about the residency:

This residency gave my creative team and I an extensive rehearsal period to do a 2nd development on the project (working title) 'Creative Synapses'. It was a pleasure to have Creatives from varying backgrounds all collaborating on the same project, toward the same goal - creating a common performance language. We developed classical and acappella music concepts as well as strong theatrical themes tied in with traditional contemporary dance movement. This development strongly focused on what aspects define and connect us as human beings, through the lens of Dr. Fiona Kerr's body of research on the human brain - and I now look forward to the 3rd development, which will ask the question: how do we keep our humanity in an ever evolving technological climate?

Petra Szabo - Director
Rachel Bruerville - Classical Cellist & Singer/Composer
Frazer Dempsey - Electronic Soundscape Composer
Ruby Dolman - Mover/Vocalist
Alex Charman - Mover
Samuel Matthewman - Mover
Emily Molnar - Mover
Cameron James - Creative Advisory
Felicity Boyd - Creative Advisory
William Tamblyn (Voxon Photonics) - Technology advisory
Dr. Fiona Kerr - Psychological Neuroscience advisory
Accent Photography - Oliver Toth - Photography/Videography documentation

About Petra:

A graduate of the BA Dance program at the Adelaide College of the ARTS (2013), Petra has gone on to work on varying projects with Precede Productions (Film), Passel Media (film), Felicity ARTS (Multi-modal ARTS), AAA artists (film & dance corperate) and such dance Australian Dance Independants as Katherine Gurr, Erin Fowler, Alicia Min Harvie, Kristina Chan, Gabrielle Nankivelle, Alexandra Knox and Alison Currie.

Most recently, Petra collaborated with The Human Arts Movement and the SA Circus Centre on a work for the 2017 TEDxAdelaide conference, focussing on the neuroscience of connection between people - this work was called "Bump into Your Assumptions". Petra feels she is more a theatre maker than anything else and that her creative practice is largely an ongoing investigation in the collaboration between varying art forms and artists – both performing arts and interactive visual art installation.

Petra is the Managing Director of an emerging theatre company - co-founded and directed in conjunction with Cameron James. The company has a strong focus on cross-pollination of art forms with a core theme base including technologies, science and design. Potential Kinetics Theatre had its inaugural year in 2015 when Cameron and Petra successfully self devised, produced and performed their first full length Physical Theatre work for the 2016 Adelaide Fringe Festival, "Raison D'etre - The Reason To Be.." as a creative team. Since that time, Cameron and Petra have been exploring varying art forms, such as producing dance on film, dance theatre production, webseries production, writing new scripts for theatre and film and investigating how new technologies such as a 3D Holographics and Artificial Intelligence could be an embedded element in their upcoming work/s.