Petra Szabo - Slingshot
In residence July 1 - 14 2017

This residency gave me the chance to sit with my ideas in a space, with incredibly inspiring artists – Cameron James and Karen Burns - and develop my thoughts in a cognitive and practical way. It was an absolute honour to return to the LWDance Hub, everyday for 2 weeks and creatively bask in a space that has so much history in the Adelaide Performing Arts scene. Returning to my ideas every day, meant that I was able to create time and space to think about my work in a new light. Thanks to Alysha Herrmann’s guidance and mentoring, I was able to restructure my thoughts and approach to my theatre making practice, to a style that is more authentic to me. I now recognise I am really interested in making interdisciplinary work which has a Physical Theatre style and that text is a huge part of my initial creative process.

About Petra:

Petra is an interdisciplinary performing artist and theatre maker from Adelaide. With a background in musical theatre, contemporary dance and acting, her passion for collaborating between art styles has been fostered by a wide experience in the arts. A graduate of the Adelaide College of the Arts dance course (2012) she has gone on to make Physical Theatre a focal point in her arts practice.

Petra has worked as a dancer/actor in dance on film projects with such companies as Felicity Arts, Passel Media and has worked as a body double for the lead character played by Pippa Black on the Australian film Lemon Tree Passage.

Over the last 6 months Petra has had an internship with a Dance Theatre company in Budapest, Hungary, where she developed an idea for what a creative process looks like in a larger company setting.

Petra is interested in creating her own work with the experiences she has had overseas and making a full length Physical Theatre work by the end of 2017, to tour interstate and internationally with Potential Kinetics Theatre.

Potential Kinetics Theatre is a company she co-founded with Cameron James (actor, writer and theatre maker), with whom she has created one full length work called Raison D’etre.. the reason to be.., which premiered in the Adelaide Fringe festival in February 2016.