Jan 25 - 27 2019
Miranda talks about the seed residency:

Thematically, I was able to really flesh out and expand on my work - Solitude, Sanctuary and Solace and the Search for the Sublime- physically bringing to life some of the illusive ideas and filmic imagery that had been constrained to my mind.

One of my main aims within the residency was to utilise the architecture and aesthetics of the space to entice gestural work (workshopping with some Viewpoints and Gaga) as well as framing the bodies in space, almost in a cinema graphic sense.

I had some clear ideas for choreographed pieces that I was keen to develop, but also wanted to give the performers freedom to explore their own notion of the themes and interpret that physically. Through long-form physical improvisation we were able to hone in on notions of people on solo journeys and suspended at thresholds - exploring both withdrawal and connection.

This resulted in a full narrative arc and a great foundation for a show.

About Miranda:

Miranda graduated from Flinders University Drama Centre in 2008. Since then she has explored many different physical practices such as View Points, Suzuki method, both general clown and Pochinko Clown, character-driven comedy dance performance, Go-Go dance, as well as a little screen combat.