Portrait by Stephen A'Court

Portrait by Stephen A'Court

Lewis Major
In residence Nov 5 - 18 2018

A first stage development of a full evening of work based on investigations of ritual, tribe and the individual vs the collective.
This is an amalgamation of several lines of inquiry that my choreographic process has been following in recent years, leading to the first major work that I have presented in Australia.
I am specifically focusing on the interplay of choreography, light and music in this development period as well as movement metaphors within my own specific dance training.

About Lewis:

Lewis Major is an award-winning choreographer originally from the deep south of regional South Australia.  After growing up on a farm shearing sheep and driving tractors, he finds it somewhat ironic to now be working in the most maligned and misunderstood sector of the arts industry: Contemporary Dance. He is the only dance artist he’s ever heard of who can shear a sheep and has travelled to all three axis-of-evil countries. His formative dance training was at the Terry Simpson Studios in Adelaide and then at the New Zealand School of Dance.

As a performer and dance maker, he has worked with and alongside Akram Khan, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Russell Maliphant, Shaun Parker, Hans van Den Broeck/Cie Soit/Les Ballets C de la B and was a founding member of Aakash Odedra Company. With an extensive back catalogue of award winning works he has choreographed,  Lewis has created and staged his own work on six continents.