Portrait by Stephen A'Court

Portrait by Stephen A'Court

Lewis Major
In residence Jan 22 - 27 2018

My residency at the Dance Hub really helped me to ground the ideas for my new work Waterslide (working title) and reorient my practice within the independent dance scene in Adelaide. The joy of working in a space like this is that there is no pressure of a final outcome and I could remain open to the possibilities of the residency; I had complete freedom to negotiate and interrogate my own practice alongside the themes I wanted to explore within the official remit of the work I am developing. Alongside all of the technical elements. Thank you for the opportunity, LWDance Hub.

As an emerging, independent choreographer it is not easy find your voice: innovating in your work is not easy and opportunities to develop choreographic skills and a personal expression are limited. We have a tendency as young artists to fall back on what we know is safe. We aren’t encouraged to take risks or to challenge ourselves. Under these conditions it is difficult to mature as an artist; one is not encouraged to follow one’s instinct, to or to be open to the magical things that might occur during the creative process and therefore develop and progress as choreographers.  The experience offered by this residency at LWDance Hub is a rare thing: time and space to explore my relationship to my practice and work on ideas that have been bubbling away in the background for some time. This residency is a humbling opportunity to flesh out some of these concepts and reorient my career to a more South Australian focus. – Lewis Major

About Lewis:

Lewis Major is an award-winning choreographer originally from the deep south of regional South Australia.  After growing up on a farm shearing sheep and driving tractors, he finds it somewhat ironic to now be working in the most maligned and misunderstood sector of the arts industry: Contemporary Dance. He is the only dance artist he’s ever heard of who can shear a sheep and has travelled to all three axis-of-evil countries. His formative dance training was at the Terry Simpson Studios in Adelaide and then at the New Zealand School of Dance.

As a performer and dance maker, he has worked with and alongside Akram Khan, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Russell Maliphant, Shaun Parker, Hans van Den Broeck/Cie Soit/Les Ballets C de la B and was a founding member of Aakash Odedra Company. With an extensive back catalogue of award winning works he has choreographed,  Lewis has created and staged his own work on six continents.