Topic:   “The interface of the Performing and Visual Arts”

A series of questions were posed by facilitator Amanda Phillips.

1) What do we take this discussion topic to mean?

  • A movement of change makers who embrace collaboration and the coming together of multi art forms
  • Performing arts can become a visual art form very quickly putting a body in different space
  • Current performance art practice engages theatre and visual arts
  • I have no idea
  • Dance in an art gallery
  • Dance as a visual art form
  • Technology 
  • Discussion of hybrid arts and multi-disciplinary practice
  • About changing different forms of creating and breaking boundaries between given genres

2) What work can be viewed as interfacing the Performing & Visual Arts?

  • Any combination of dance, theatre, spoken word, music, multimedia etc
  • Where does art begin and end?
  • Cross artform influence
  • collaborative
  • Digital art crossing into both genres
  • Marina Abramovic 
  • Durational works – audience moving through space – long duration 24/12 hours

3) Why is this work important to you as (a) an artist/ creator and (b) as an audience/ consumer? 

  • A way of creating a positive and cohesive atmosphere, creating a connection, innovation, new audience
  • Art shouldn’t fit into a box – beyond art, boundary pushing. To make change, discover new artforms.
  • The power of creating your own original work 
  • The need to make a living from contemporary culture

4) Culturally, why does work that crosses the Performing & Visual Arts matter?

  • Culture is a part of life
  • It’s the vernacular 
  • Visual arts need performing arts to live and breath
  • Increases market/audience for art
  • Coming together of ll the creative tools I have
  • It helps understand each other from other cultures countries and backgrounds
  • Theatre is just as important as a museum
  • Because it goes outside the boundaries of what is ‘normal"

5) What works have you seen or been involved in that resonate with this topic? What work stood out for you, and why?

  • Everything is performance art
  • Process can be performance art in itself.
  • Versus Rodin = sculpture = body = dance = movement
  • Public art work called ‘MASS” – a moving audience street sculpture
  • Otanical
  • RED
  • Dance party
  • YouTube
  • Street art
  • Graffitti

6) Create two questions as a group and present the questions, discussion & answers?

  • Does performance need to have a viewer?
  • Does dance have to be visually pleasing to be accepted as an art form and does that make it a visual artform?
  • Is there a cultural hierarchy of art form? and if so (not), should there be?
  • Does one artform need to dominate in a multi artform performance?
  • Does the true interfacing of the performing arts and the visual arts need a new name?
  • Names artists, movements or works that have influenced your own work