Jessie McKinlay
In residence Jan 21 - Feb 10 2019

This residency represents the final development periodof ‘A Supposed Truth’ where I will be bringing together all my ideas that have been developed previously at the LWDance Hub on Superstition and old wives tales.

This will be a period of relearning, rehearsing, altering and structuring the work as a finished product ready to present in Fringe 2019.The process of continuing to explore the themes and images involved with this stories’ framework provides a continual critical questioning of the work, to challenge studio practice, and assist to develop my craft as an emerging choreographer by pushing myself in my own creative process of critical objective thinking. It will develop my approach to structuring the vocabulary of classicism, aesthetic use of space, use of bodies as a form of design and prop.

In this work I am using stories of Superstition and Old Wives Tales to develop movement, through abstract interpretation and uncover direct meaning through movement, exploring sign language as a basis to extend my story-telling interests in my choreographic practice. I have an interest in stories, history, and human nature. I aim to create contemporary dance work with a narrative, staying close to vivid images invoked by story. Through strong narrative and textures explored through movement and presentation, playful fancy and fanciful truth, I want to create work that is its own little world, to help audiences separate themselves from reality, in hope to find something in this non-reality that is live theatre.

Choreographer:Jessie McKinlay
Performers: Madeline Edwards, Zoe Gay,Ruby Dolman

A Supposed Truth premieres at the 2019 Adelaide Fringe Festival on February 14 2019.

About Jessie:

After graduating from the Adelaide College for the Arts in 2004, Jessie worked with Melbourne company BalletLab in 2005 & 2006, and travelled with the company to perform in their work ‘Amplification’ in Romania & Bulgaria. In 2010 Jessie worked with Lucy Guerin and Tere O’Connor in a HotBed Residency, and with Luke George as part of Melbourne independent collective Phantom Limb on ‘Further Fantasy’. Jessie worked with Adelaide choreographer Daniel Jaber on ‘Degradation’, and ‘Scum’ and joined him in Malaysia on an AsiaLink Residency at Rimban Dahan, to perform in ‘WG Spiel’. In 2013 she performed in Alison Currie’s ‘Build. Hold. Destroy’ as part of the Adelaide Fringe Window World. In 2014 Jessie performed in the Adelaide Fringe Festival in ‘MONO’ by Melbourne company House of VnHoly. Jessie spent time in New York doing an internship with Movement Research Centre in 2008, and in 2012 with Danspace Project. Jessie travelled back to New York in 2015 to partake in Movement Research’s MELT Festival, a 5 week intense series of workshops with Jeremy Nelson, KJ Holmes, Vicky Shick, Jimena Paz, Kyle DeCamp, Juliette Mapp, Barbara Mahler, Donna Uchizono, Darrell Jones,Yvonne Meir, RosAnne Spradlin, Hristoula Harakas, Steven Petronio, and Trisha Brown Dance Company.

Jessie choreographed her first dance work ‘Foxing Round a Story’ in 2010 for the Adelaide Fringe Festival, and was nominated for 2 Fringe Awards, including Best Dance. Jessie premiered her work ‘The Isabetta Project' for the 2016 Adelaide Fringe Festival, it won a Best Dance Award at the Weekly Fringe Awards, and the inSPACE Development Award. In 2017 Jessie had a Residency at the Adelaide Festival Centre, developing a new work as part of the inSPACE Development Program.