Photo by Jenni Large

Photo by Jenni Large

An interview with Kialea-Nadine Williams

How did you get involved in dance?
I started off as a gymnast when I was 6 or 7 years old. I had a very hyper extensive back and lack of control, my coach said I should try ballet as soon as I stepped into the studio I fell in love with dance. I went on to try tap (wasn’t great at it!) jazz, hip hop, contemporary and creative dance movement. Dance became my world.

Why Adelaide?
I auditioned for Australian Dance Theatre in London, while Garry Stewart was working with Rambert Dance Company, I thought well why not I’ve got nothing to lose! The day after I auditioned for Michael Clark Company and joined them for a season, during that season I found out I had the job with ADT! Off to Adelaide with me, I stayed with ADT for 4.5 years, I joined LWD under direction of Daniel Jaber where I performed the solo A Dying Swan and have continued to work in Adelaide and interstate with different choreographers, rehearsal directing for choreographers and company’s teaching and enjoying Adelaide itself.

What or who inspires you?
Art in general inspires me, from paintings, sculptures, music, movies, plays. I never leave a gallery, cinema or performance without some crazy idea from the inspiring artist.

Do you have a favourite choreographer?
Not a favourite, I enjoy a range of work from various dance company’s, off the top of my head Crystal Pite and Pina Bausch are two of my favourites. Both extremely different and I love the structure and style of these 2 especially.

What do you like about your job as the Hub’s Education Manager?
I enjoy the organisation of the programs,  my favourite has been the Holiday Dance Program (HDP) and watching people of all walks of dance come through to the studio to experience 2 weeks of a range of classes. We get a huge diverse range of dancers and various age groups, I love seeing people altogether dancing to the same beat. I thank our brilliant teachers for all their beautiful work during these programs.

What are its challenges?
Time, time is always a challenge and weeks pass by so quickly!

What do you do to relax?
I love movies, documentaries and a good series. While watching I often find myself shazaming music to buy for the next class exercise!