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About the residency:
May 30 - June 2, 2017

The residency enabled the beginning of a project called Rave Wars - which is a dance/clowning/theatre hybrid, exploring the idea of comedy and dance, audience interactivity within a dance project and the idea of escapism within a war scenario. Are the ravers escaping by dancing or are they enacting a war through the dance? There are elements of futuristic movies such as Running Man, Total Recall, Blade Runner and others. The project could evolve into a more developed storyline/choreography or may be a vehicle by where dancers are "party starters",  dance floor starters in an event style event where the audience are part of the action, the moment and the evening.
There were lots of exciting concepts and ideas bandied around and some basic choreography - or set tasks and games to use as a framework. I am seeing this as a long-term project which will require some seed funding to get off the ground. The Dance Hub residency was very useful to flesh out these first ideas and see if there is a concept worth pursuing.
I also used the space to continue development my new clown physical theatre work Jacques Cornichon. It is a show about cycling - but really using the anchor of bicycles and cycling as a metaphor for the cycles of life or the movement in life emerging from your safe cocoon out in the wider world the battle between the ego and the shadow and finding a sense of nobility, acceptance or service in the end. The work takes its inspirations from the very contrasting cycling personalities of Lance Armstrong and Gino Bartali. Bartali, a Tour de France champion, was discovered to have secretly helped Jews in Northern Italy during WW2. He told no one of them apart from his son - stating that medals don't need to be worn on the shirt, they are to be worn on the soul. Contrast this with the recognition, ambition seeking Armstrong who destroyed careers and reputations and cheated the public along the way. Jacques sits somewhere between these two characters - emerging from his stasis and his comfortable life he is thrust out into the world and accidentally becomes a winner, but the winning goes to his head ... literally, a crash and amnesia make him a new person who seeks redemption through the story of Bartali and his win at the 1948 Tour de France. This work is at this point completely silent and involves a style of physical theatre, that has a dreamlike quality paired with moments of classic silent film clowning. The bikes themselves become characters and representations of a love of childhood greed. I have been working on this project with Stephen Sheehan.

About Hew:

Hew is a graduate of Flinders University Drama Centre, Adelaide Australia.  Hew won the 2004 Melbourne Fringe Award for Best Spoken Word Performance for Pounding Nails into the Floor with My Forehead, other credits includes: The Weill File (Adelaide Cabaret Festival); The Tension of Opposites (Capture The Flag Collective); Me and My Shadow (Patch Theatre Company); Superheroes (Stone/Castro); Gorge (Brink Productions); and Boo! (Windmill Performing Arts).

In 2007 Hew won the Neil Curnow award, which he used to study the Pochinko Clown method with John Turner at The MCCP Evansville, Ontario, Canada in 2007. He has since continued this mentorship in ’09, ’11 and ’14. In 2013 Hew received funding to travel to London, England to work with British Comedy group Spymonkey.

Hew has developed a reputation in Australia and internationally for his manic yet heartfelt comic creations. In 2011 Hew was the first Australian to perform at The New York Clown Festival with Odyssey Schmodyssey. In 2014 he returned with a new work Giovanni! Giovanni in particular has played to critically acclaimed seasons in Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane. Last year Hew was commissioned by The Adelaide Cabaret Festival to produce a new work Rudi’s The Rinse Cycle.

Hew is the resident Clown teacher at Flinders University Drama Centre, works with the Men’s Ensemble at No Strings Theatre of Disability and is a lecturer in Cabaret and Context at Uni SA.