Gala Moody: Photo by Danny Willems

Gala Moody: Photo by Danny Willems

About the residency:
June 26 - July 5, 2017

The concept of this research was a result of work I undertook when I was artist in residence at WAM! Festival in Faenza, Italy.  I had a ten day residence in which to create a work in relation to the theme of the festival (Trespass). I was interested in exploring how everyday movement specific to a geological position could be curated to make performance.  How collecting the normal everyday gestures from the general public  and transposing them onto my own body could be a movement based anthropological study of a city. 

You can read more about the project HERE

About Gala:

Gala Moody worked for Leigh Warren & Dancers in Adelaide before moving to Belgium to work with Charleroi Danses/ Michelle Anne de Mey.
Since then she has been living in Brussels, and working as a dancer with Wim Vandekeybus/Ultima Vez, Romeo Castellucci, Cie TPO, Louise Chardon, Pieter Ampe, Gabrielle Nankivelle, amongst others.

Gala was artist in residence at WAM! Festival in Faenza 2015, where she created Regesture Study alongside composer Matthieu Vergez.  Regesture Study was created in ten days with the aim to only perform material that Gala had seen and filmed in the city of Faenza and then painstakingly learnt, and therefor performing a body transformed and mutated by it’s environment.

Gala has also made performance and installations for various platforms including the Next Wave Festival(Melbourne), Quantum Leap (Canberra), Dance Creation (Melbourne), Adelaide Fringe Festival, Ivo Dimchev’s Volksroom (Brussels), Museum Night Fever (Brussels) andWhatBeside(s)Death (Antwerp), Ulti’Mates Festival (Kortrijk).