5th - 8th July 2018
Fiona talks about the residency:

Kali  uses the traditional narrative of the Hindu goddess to represent the female life force of creative energy in a live experimental performance. Traditionally Kali embodies the characteristics of three female goddesses relating to wealth (Lakshmi), learning (Saraswati), and power (Paravati), together representing the strength of a woman. The current project takes this narrative as a starting point to explore the construction and ideological depictions of women in social life.

The work emerged out of a dance trip to India in 2011, and has been under subsequent development for the past 7 years, including related performances at Dancehouse Melbourne and Choreolab Adelaide. At the end of 2018, I plan to take my first dance international tour of the live dance performance Kali.

As a sociologist choreographer performer, my artistic statement is inclusive of how our social construction impacts on the nervous system (the body). In Kalithe research enquiry is how religious characters are constructed to represent ideological depictions in social life for women. Thus, Kali challenges the traditional symbolic power of women’s identities portrayed in Western popular culture i.e. nurturer of life, vs. the taker of life (destroyer).

There were a number of hanging places in the LWDance studios that assisted in the development of the work. It also gave me the opportunity to create a stage plan for the future touring of the work in India. It also allowed me to invite significant people to come and listen about the development of Kali as well as present the performance showing to members of the community.

About Fiona:

Fiona Gardner founded Finsart Inc. in 2011 that operates Finsart Studio in Adelaide, SA. The studio hosts and facilitates various dance workshops, classes, residencies and performances since 2015. Fiona has worked on a variety of different performance art projects. Notable projects include collaboration with visual artist Michael Larue on Shattered Perfection, that won the SALA moving image award in 2015. She was the choreographer/filmmaker for a dance parkour project supported by OPAL: SA Health LEAP working with Refugees from Afghanistan, West Africa and Nepal. Other collaborative projects include Guitars and Dance, Aerial Harness performance Quasi-Ideal, site-specific work Cultural Isolation and an sequel performance project that explored psychological addiction What’s Your Crutch?. In 2017, Fiona completed her honors research project on Dance Culturepreneurs’ Experience in Arts Funding to explore the political economic of the performing arts in Adelaide. Fiona is aiming to extend the message of Kali Solo performance work for stage or installation.