Cinzia Schincariol
In residence Jan 7 - 11 2019

Trans Plants (working title)
Aims and process: I intend to progressively work towards an improvisation solo for 30 minutes, something I have never and aimed for before. To support the generation of content, I will look at the relationship between nature and urbanization. In the week leading up to the residency, I will explore the Adelaide CBD and look for green strips, gardens and plants that are trapped by concrete and urban planning. These spaces are used to embellish, to provide human relief, but to me are an undeniable manipulation of nature by a dominant human.

I will create a dictionary of movements inspired by specific situations I notice in these spaces (like a spider web blowing in the wind, a leaf balancing). Each image/situation has a specific movement and quality.

In the studio the challenge will be to work with the language created, playing with it, find all the possible combinations through an improvisation process, reclaiming the freedom of the natural world, putting myself to a total service of it. Each improvisation will be different, and will be guided by one of Andrew Morrish fundamental principle: the purpose of the improvisation is to find out what the improvisation is about.

Result: This residency gave me the chance to test an idea I had really push my practice towards a specific direction. The opportunity to spend time by myself (rather than with collaborators) was incredibly valuable to fully appreciate and understand my process. I was able to identify opportunities of this idea as a solo work, which is how I ended up performing it; but also identify potentials to make it a work for children. Being able to interact with an audience surinf the showing was inspiring and powerful for me, not only with regards to performance skills but also in developing further my ability to eloquently speak about the ideas and work.

Cinzia Schincariol: concept and performer
Dianne Reid: mentor, photographer

About Cinzia:

Cinzia is an Adelaide based independent performance and dance artist particularly interested in instant composition and site specific works. She has studied internationally with teachers such as Andrew Morrish, Rosalind Crisp, Frank Van de Ven (Body Whether) Nancy Stark-Smith (Contact Improvisation), Adam Benjamin, Alito Alessi (‘Danceability’©). Cinzia is a tutor and performer for Restless Dance Theatre, she runs dance programs for disability day options agency, she manages the Adelaide Improvisation Shared Practice group, facilitating workshops and performance opportunities.

For the last 7 years, Cinzia has dedicated particular interest and time to the world of children which has taught her lot about improvisation. She is a performer and collaborator for children work ‘From Darkness the Day’ directed by Felecia Hick recently presented at the Panpapanpalya conference 2018 in Adelaide. She is currently developing a new work in collaboration with Matt Shilcock. Other notable works she has performed in: ‘you don’t know how lucky you are’ by Alessandro Sciarroni Biennale danza Venezia (2014), Sala de Espera/ Cuerpo en divenir Spain (2014), Tukermoar (Goolwa 2015), ‘Mad for More’ (2018). Cinzia was interpreter and assistant director for Chiara Guidi Jack and the Beanstalk (SOH 2016) and The Land of the Earthworms (Carriageworks 2018).