Cinzia Schincariol & Matt Shilcock - SCOMODO
In Residence Feb 19 - March 4

About the residency:

This is the 3rd stage development of SCOMODO (scomodo is the Italian word for uncomfortable). 

Creators and performers, Matt & Cinzia draw from personal experience to consider questions such as: Where do I place myself? Where do I place my body? What is comfortable? Where is home….?”

The way they do that is by deconstructing a wheelchair and transforming it constantly as an object and its relationship with the subjects (dancers) through the process of improvisation.

Post residency Matt & Cinzia wrote:

Over the two weeks at the Dance Hub, we were able to reconnect with a work that they last presented in May 2015 at an improvisation conference in Melbourne. With a great desire to give further life to SCOMODO, there was a strong necessity to find new material to strengthen the work and make it appeal to a much wider audience. We were also able to try out and find new exciting avenues and also to test them with a small audience gaining great insights on the possibilities of the work. As a result of the residency we have decided that the work can be an installation + a performance component and that we will identify some collaborators, speak to galleries about the project and will seek further funding for a final development. Professional filming was also done to support next stages.

About Matt & Cinzia:

Matt Shilcock is a South Australian based contemporary dance theatre artist. Diagnosed at birth with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, commonly known as ‘brittle bone disorder’, he spent much of his youth in a wheelchair before learning to walk at the age of fifteen.

Matt began performing professionally in 2009 and has since engaged with companies across Australia including Murmuration Dance Theatre, No Strings Attached Theatre for Disability, Restless Dance Theatre, Kaldor Public Arts, and internationally with Mass Box (China), Touch Compass (NZ), Full Radius (USA), Candoco (UK), Independence (UK), FreeWill Theatre (HK) and the Van L Dance Company (UK). Matt was a recipient of a 2017 artist exchange program with Critical Path (NSW) and Dance4 (UK), taking a month residency at the International Centre for Choreography in Nottingham (UK).

Cinzia Schincariol is an artist and performer who has worked extensively nationally and internationally. Cinzia was part of the ArmatureLIVE (2015) live art project produced by Acess 2 Arts. She was supported by Arts South Australia to present SCOMODO alongside collaborator Matt Shilcock at the little Conference (Melobourne 2015) and Choreolab (Adelaide 2014). She was part of the Cuerpo en divenir (Murcia/Madrid 2014) and of You dont know how lucky you are directed by Alessandro Sciarroni for the Biennale Danza Venezia 2014. Cinzia was dancer and translator (Spanish, French and Italian) for inclusive dance residency project Urban Feral by Nita Little with Dreamtime Company presented at Avignon Off in 2014, and was part of the instant composition project Sala De Espera (Murcia 2014). She has performed Commedia dell Arte as a member of Commedia con Corinna Company.