Cazna Brass: Photo by Sam Oster

Cazna Brass: Photo by Sam Oster

May 7 - 12 2018
Cazna talks about the residency:

The LWDance Hub Residency allowed me and my dancers - Cayleigh Davies, Tina Ebenreuter, Peter Vayne and Rita Bush - to focus on playing, exploring and extending on material as well as ideas and thoughts from the previous development of 'Colourfeel'. During this residency I was able to explore with different mediums to create tasks, which is still evolving to a new level. The week has also giving me an opportunity to learn about myself as a director/choreographer of 'Colourfeel' and find different approaches to build on my artistic practise. I take away from my week as artist in residence new ideas and thoughts which will assist me in continuing to explore my theme and develop 'Colourfeel' into a full length contemporary work in the near future.
Cazna Brass - Choreographer/Director
Cayleigh Davies - Dancer
Tina Ebenreuter - Dancer
Rita Bush - Dancer
Peter Vayne - Dancer

Petra Szabo - Photographer and Lucinda Corin - Filmographer

About Cazna:

Cazna Brass is an Adelaide-based independent dance artist, who trained at Adelaide College of the Arts (ACArts) 2012-2014, receiving a Bachelor of Dance Performance. After graduating she participated in The Mill’s ‘Choreographic Futures Dance Residency’ working alongside international choreographers, Lee Brummer and Israel Aloni (Ildance).

In 2015, Cazna joined The Human Arts Movement (THAM), an Adelaide based dance collective under Tobiah Booth-Remmers. Through THAM, she has performed in various works such as ‘ALT’ by Tobiah Booth-Remmers, ‘The Wavering’ by Rita Bush, ‘In[nate]ture’ by Cayleigh Davies - performed at Adelaide Fringe and Salt Festival, and most recently, ‘Creatures’ by Alison Currie.

Through collaboration with Josh Hoare, Cirkidz, THAM and Potential Kinetics, Cazna performed ‘A Shift in Perspective’ at TEDx Adelaide. She also has been fortunate to tour regionally in South Australia with Larissa McGowan’s and Country Arts SA DanceXtend – Be the Choreographer and Dance Jungle Gym.
Cazna is beginning to explore the choreographic side of her career and has recently directed her first short work, Detour, under Splash Adelaide and in collaboration with The Human Arts Movement (THAM). Through the LWDance Hub Residency, Colourfeel will be the start of her next and first full-length work.