Carlie Angel
in residence March 6 - 9 2018

Carlie talks about the residency and her work with collaborator Stephen Hoffna and performer Hew Parham

The residency allowed us to explore the “seed” of an idea. To explore what works, what doesn’t. It allowed collaboration that fed the initial idea to bloom into a more structured process and helped us work out what direction we want to follow with this project. This is a new group of artists collaborating and so new creative tasks were generated between us that, in turn, generated new phrase material/creative content.   We have a number of base “phrases” now and a first draft map of the trajectory of the work.

About Carlie Angel

Carlie attended QUT and graduated from AC Arts. She has since worked with Australian Dance Theatre (ADT), TasDance and a variety of diverse freelance and independent Choreographers including Mia Mason, Gavin Webber, Alison Currie and Co-Opera. 

Carlie collaborated and performed Pole Cats by Cathy Adamek: combing pole dance, contemporary dance and acrobatics. Pole Cats toured theatres across Australia in 2013

Carlie continues to work on various projects with Alison Currie as a dancer and creative assistant/rehearsal director. Currently collaborating on “Concrete Impermanence.” Carlie performed solo for the film “I Can Relate” directed by Alison and screened at Carriageworks Sydney as part of 24 Frames Per Second. Recently Carlie completed a professional development with Eszter Salamon in Melbourne in conjunction with Dancehouse, Lucy Guerin and the Mill through their Engage program. Carlie is currently choreographing and Dancing “What Do You Do With An Idea” with Paul Rissman and the ASO. Most recently Carlie developed her own dance theatre work, Phrenic, in collaboration with director, actor and projection artist Brad Williams and script writer and dramaturge Bridget Mackey. In 2017 she undertook a short residency at LWDHub developing “Relationships of Trees” with Hew Parham.