Carlie Angel talks about Phrenic:

Phrenic is a collaborative project working with writer Bridget Mackey, projection artist and actor/director Brad Williams, composer Bea Hanna and Sascha Budimski.

It explores the experience and effects of chronic illness, states of tension, struggle, acceptance, seeking and healing with humour and differing states of physicality through a “jungle” of ropes and other interactive set design elements.

The residency allowed us to develop the work from a “sketch” of concepts, ideas and phrases (of dance, writing, design and music) to a near completed work comprised of integrated “scenes” that flow and incorporate the elements of live music, interactive projection, spoken and written word and dance.

carlie & Brad.jpg

We hope the next stage will see the work fully completed and ready to tour. We hope to make the work accessible to audiences across south Australia and are looking at avenues for performing to people involved in the health care and health carers sector as well as a general audience.

This will be the first work I have choreographed and devised for self-performance and is drawn from a very personal ongoing experience of the condition known as Lyme disease. This is a “controversial” illness and an important topic that needs a platform and further understanding at this time.

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