Topic: “Finding Inspiration”

Discussion starters
Types of Inspiration
The Bolt Connections
Visions Dreams
Death Love
Rambling Suggestion
Avoidance / Copycat Accidents
Desperation Emotions

ROUTINE - Times of day
Passive Inspiration vs Active Inspiration (i.e your everyday surroundings v’s seeking more)

Practice Producing – Inspired by doing
Clearing the mind to give space for ideas – menial tasks, showering, gardening, walking
Nothing is Unique – Forget what you know – Liberating
What is the interest/impetus

Wayne McGregor, choreographer, on inspiration
• Do
• Empty
• Panic
• Forage
• Generate
• Embody
• Edit
• Decide
• Persist
• Practise

Joseph Campbell “Heros Journey”

The myth of the struggling artist: Sales Pitch of Desperation (to the public)

Keeping a book of Ideas to remain stimulated and practicing during “downtime” periods of dance making

Katherine Hepburn Interview: referenced multiple times

How to create in an artform that is not your primary practice (i.e choreograph as a non dancer)

Artform | Artist | Expression
Creator | Maker | Performer
Collective inspiration

Conception -> Birth -> Release

Protest art | limitations as the birthplace of ideas, “pushing against a wall” – the scaffolding on which to build art

Mixed artforms – using other artforms to help drive inspiration – Drawing, Painting, Writing.
- crafting with an arc
- Drawing energetic arcs to help configure performance
- Narrative and abstract

Sharing creative processes to - engage/ enrol / dialouge – audiences. Invite them into the process to inspire them to empathise and invest in art.

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WILD CARD for Oct 26 : Inspiration / Expiration

Callan Fleming