Things Meeting Now - Alison Currie

Things Meeting Now - Alison Currie

About Alison:
In residence July 17 -23 2017

Alison Currie has been working as a choreographer, director and performer since graduating from Adelaide College of the Arts in 2003. For several years she has been creating work which investigates the connection between the sculpture and dance, the body and object, object and subject. This was also the focus of a Research Masters in Choreography and Performance at the University of Roehampton, London, which she completed in 2015.

Her major works with this focus include 'Things Meeting Now' co-created with visual artist Bridget Currie and presented at the Art Gallery of South Australia for 'Versus Rodin' 2017 and Roehampton University London 2015, ‘I Can Relate’ presented at Carriageworks for ’24 Frames Per Second’2015, ‘Drawing Machine’ co-created with Michael Hurley as part of ‘Acts Re-Acts’ Wimbledon Space London 2015, ‘Build, Hold, Destroy’ commissioned as part of ‘Window World’ by Adelaide Fringe 2013, ‘Three ways to hold’ co-created with Bridget Currie SASA Gallery 2010, and ‘42a’ collaborative installation performance at the Australian Experimental Art Foundation 2008.

Other notable works include: ‘Solo’ commissioned as part of ‘Return to Sender’ at Performance Space 2011, ‘THE MAIN EVENT’ co-directed with Solon Ulbrich AC Arts 2009, ‘Bedroom Dancing’ choreographed with director Steve Mayhew for Restless Dance Theatre at Comeout 2009 and the recipient Outstanding Achievement in Youth and Community Dance 2010 Australian Dance Awards. Alison was mentored by Solon Ulbrich and Amanda Phillips on various projects between 2004 - 2008 and interned with The Builders Association a media and performance company in New York, USA 2005.

The Dance Hub has supported Alison with residency opportunities for the development of current projects Concrete Impermanence and Heavy (working title).

Heavy (working title):
Alison has been invited by visual artist and curator Ray Harris to create and perform an new solo work for a group exhibition Soft Spot, Hard Feelings at Holly Roller artist space during SALA Festival 2017. Alison's new work Heavy (working title) will continue her investigation into object and subject in performance. She will perform a solo or duet with a large granite rock, sourced from fields around where she grew up in regional South Australia. Alison will explore the connection between the body and the rock; connecting her body with the object in various ways to highlight the roughness of its surface as well as the subtle difference in texture, we will witness the body soften and collapse around the rock and become solid as it braces to move or resist against it.