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The Collective - Preserving Jars
In residence March 12 - 18 2018

The Collective intend to develop a ‘physical score’ to our play-script under development Preserving Jars that draws on the fields of narrative therapy, repressed memory and PTSD.
A central theme is the concept of ‘immersion’ and we’re interested in exploring issues relating to immersive access for disabled audiences. The link between the work’s thematic concept of immersion and the practical form-al concern of providing an inclusive audience experience is a lynchpin of our proposal.

Aims of the residency:

  • To sketch a physical score and visual symbolic signature to embody the text. Re-valuing the physical (visual, visceral and gestural) in theatrical communication
  • To experiment with how uses of the body and breath interact with the text. e.g how physical manifestations of trauma play out in intimate, nonverbal interactions with other actors and  objects.
  • To investigate the effect of exposing the ‘written’ and ‘physical’ scores to ‘access languages’ while in development What challenges/rewards emerge from the relationships? And how does this inform our creative methodology?   e.g. AUSLAN (symbol based physical communication) and gesture & image (index based physical communication)

Who is The Collective:

Eliza Sanders (Choreographer – Key Artist)
Charles Sanders (Director)
Anna Cheney (Actor)
Michele Saint-Yves (Playwright)
Caroline Conlon (AUSLAN interpretor)
Eliza Lovell (Audio Descriptor for performance)


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