What was discussed at the April 30 Open House ?

We were fortunate to have guest artist James Berlyn over from Perth for the Hub's workshop series. We got to learn more about him and his practice and what drives his creativity. From Cabaret and solo performance to personal mantras, auditions and career shifts. Loss, ageing and the imperative of making art.

James runs a similar forum in Perth and he gave us a beautiful slogan that forms the basis of his discussion group, No pitching,  no bitching

After a delicious tea fueled interlude James opened up our discussion with the provocation:
Is a big fringe festival a genuine opportunity or populist censorship?

The group had a wide ranging and in depth discussion of what censorship is, how we can overcome obstacles to ticket sales for experimental arts during fringe festivals and what that means.

We unfortunately ran out of time but ended with the proposition about what it means to self fund a work of art once a year.

And that was a beautiful 2 hours of arts discussion.
Callan Fleming


Open House: Sunday June 25,  5.00pm - 6.30pm @ the LWDance Hub

The discussion: The interface between the Performing & Visual Arts

The Wild Card : with Amanda Phillips, Alex Mitchell and Alison Currie responding to the topic: Genuine


Open House is a Forum/ space for dance artists to explore their own and others current practice and interests as well as explore ideas arising from professional practice.

This program is specifically designed for dance artists with a professional practice. We will also be inviting cross platform artists who work with dance artists. Emerging artists will also be welcome to interact with their peers and observe the issues and work that is current.

Come along to meet up, participate or observe.